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Toyota Venza Review

Toyota is a name which is known as the name of quality. It does not compromise with its quality of work. Toyota Motor Corporation which is going to launch a new car model known as Toyota Venza in 2009........ Read More

Rediscovering The Wonders Of The Toyota Prius Hybrid Car

Motor Trends Car of the Year for 2004, North American Car of the Year in 2004, 2004 International Engine of the Year, 2005 European Car of the Year, 2006 Energuide Award in the Midsize segment, th........ Read More

Irs Issues Tax Credit Amount For Toyota Camry Hybrid

Prior to January 1, 2006, people purchasing hybrid vehicles were eligible to claim a significant tax deduction. Now they can claim a monstrously large tax credit. IRS Issues Tax Credit Amount For T........ Read More

The Toyota Lean Manufacturing System

The standard lean manufacturing system has been referenced from the Toyota lean manufacturing system in Japan. Even the lean manufacturing system developed in North America has evolved from its begi........ Read More

The Hybrid Cars Of Toyota, Amazingly Unique!

Toyota, the famous Japanese car brand, is one of the very few car makers that had initially taken the heed to develop and market hybrid cars in the market. It is in this dedication to excellence ........ Read More

Toyota Venza

Toyota is not a name that even a single boy in the street would have never heard to. This is the reason that Toyota is becoming more popular now days. With the increase of market value of Toyota, its ........ Read More

The Scion Xp: The New Vehicle In Toyota's Lineup

Toyota's Scion lineup has been wildly successful, and with the continued expansion of the brand Toyota plans on releasing a new vehicle dubbed the Scion xP--the letter 'P' for pickup of course! And, l........ Read More

Toyota Celicas - Are They Viable Sports Cars?

Toyota Celicas have been around for quite some time now. Not quite as old as the Ford Pinto, but you know what I mean. Celicas have always been known for being the affordable sports car made by Toyota........ Read More

Toyota: The New Number One?

For the past several months news reports have been focusing on the declining fortunes of the world’s largest automaker, General Motors, as well as on the rise of Toyota to pre-eminence. Many are pre........ Read More

Irs Announces Tax Credits For Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius is the vehicle that started the entire hybrid vehicle craze. It continues to dominate the market and the IRS has announced the tax credits for this year. IRS Announces Tax Credits Fo........ Read More

Toyota's Prius To Be Built In China

The Toyota Prius, a car built on hybrid gas-electric technology, will soon receive a major production boost. Toyota and an undisclosed Chinese based manufacturing company have sealed a deal where the ........ Read More

Geo Prizm: The Sum Of Gm And Toyota’s Efforts

The Geo Prizm is a vehicle that has been manufactured from 1990 up until the year 1997 by a joint project and venture by the General Motors Corporation and the Toyota Motor Company. It had actually re........ Read More

The Toyota Prius, Hybrid Car Phenomenon

Hot of the market, this brand of hybrid car is on the tip of everyone's tongue. Prius stands for prize in most people's book when they think about hybrid cars. And that's not just because a Toyota P........ Read More

Toyota Venza Suv

Whenever the name of SUV comes into the ears of the youngsters, they all want to get that vehicle. Basically, SUV means sports utility vehicle. These are vehicles with extra utilities that are capable........ Read More

Great Toyota Parts

Cars are something we use to get by with our daily lives. They have been changed and improved over the years, with better safety feature and luxury features as well. With the stress of our lives today........ Read More


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